First of all, I am a Big Big Apple fan. I love every product and am fully connected in their universe. So like everyone else I am on the edge of my seat towards this time of the year to see what goodies they release.

So the new iOS upgrade was something I jumped on.

iOS 11 update started bugging me out

So after I installed the new iOS my iPhone7plus started draining the battery. A day later I noticed that when I switch off WiFi and bluetooth from the Quick menu it doesn’t turn it off but just disconnects from the devise. When I learnt that this was a deliberate change I was shocked and annoyed. The to my frustration apps started freezing like crazy. Some of the apps didn’t work at all. Final straw was when Facebook ads app started crashing.

My frustration resulted in a social media rant

So like any responsible adult 😬I turned to Twitter and put it out there.

So I posted this post in sheer frustration not expecting and response:

To my surprise Within minutes apple support replies me on twitter

Then I responded with the issue and immediately they responded with what i must do.

I tried the solutions given and worked like a miracle. I felt pretty embarrassed as these are things i should have tried before a social media rant being a Big Apple Fan. Now I was in awe, first of all there must be so many people like me who are just going ape about various things and the fact they picked it up at lightning speed, decided to use my preferred method of communication and addressed the issue straight off was what makes apple brilliant. They have won me over, and am a even more loyal than before i think.

What can other brands learn from this?

Gone are the days you ask people for their phone number when the complain of social media. Even worse is when someone gives the phone number, your customer service team takes atlas a day to call the customer. Employ a proper customer service strategy that works on social media, and try not to “Take everything Offline”. The time has come for all of us to be brave and put our money where our mouth is.