About the brand

Durex is a brand that has over 80 years’ experience, renowned for bringing safety and satisfaction to couples in bedrooms all over the world. The name Durex itself is comprised of three words; durability, reliability and excellence, compressed together to create the most top of mind condom brand to take to bed with you.

The Brief

With the FIFA World Cup was around the corner, it was a known fact that it was going to create quite the hype on all digital platforms. Durex wanted to be caught dead center of all the footie action in order to create top of mind recall during this exciting time and let them know Durex was around to help them score.


The idea was to merge Durex and football so we concocted the tongue-in-cheek concept of Everybody Scores When You Play The Game Right. This idea was then extended in to a digital campaign of video and key visuals.  It was created to allow customers to relate to the brand and also to remind that Durex was available if needed for when they pull out a red card during the FIFA matches.


Durex Viral Video : Everybody Scores When You Play The Game Right