Apple has started releasing a series of video’s to show why you should switch to iOS from boring Android etc (if you haven’t figured it yet, your truly is a big apple-fan)

So far 5 video’s have been released focusing on photo’s, music, privacy, how fast you can switch, and how simple it is to jump to iPhone. More video’s are expected to be rolled out in the coming days.

Why is it brilliant you ask?

First off the sheer simplicity in the concept and execution, then the subtle but effective way of using color to communicate the unexplainable vibrance of iOS, then the TV series like theatrics they have used to establish an emotional connection, also the fact that these video’s are approx. 15 seconds which have a huge chance of holding the viewer’s attention right through, finally the uniformity across the series which makes it resonate for a longer time in our subconscious.

Here are the Video’s